Odacite | Pa+G | Hyperpigmentation Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate - 0.17 oz


Multi-active serum that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while improving the look of aging skin. 

So concentrated, 2-3 drops morning and night is all you need to awaken skin's beauty. Papaya seed oil is rich in fruit enzymes that help reduce the appearance of brown spots and slough off dead skin, unveiling a fresh and even-looking glow. Geranium oil combines with Lemon oil, encouraging more evened-out appearance. In aromatherapy, Geranium oil is known to have a harmonizing effect on the mind & body, helping to avoid emotional roller coasters.

The Ritual | Use as a spot solution by massaging onto brown spots, or supercharge your daily dose of crème by mixing in a couple drops of Pa+G and use as a preventative solution.

Ingredients - Highest-grade cold-pressed certified virgin Papaya (Carica papaya) oil, Certified organic Geranium, Lemon (Pelargonium graveolens, Citrus limon) essential oils, Certified GMO-free Vitamin E (Tocopherols) oil.

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