At its core, theHARAlife employs the standard of Do No Harm. Our brand selection process sifts through a products ingredient list to pick up any chemicals that we as an industry have come to know cause harm. These are agents that have clearly been identified as carcinogens and as endocrine disruptors affecting metabolism, fertility, energy, mental health, and much more. Brands that employ use of any concerning ingredients are simply not carried. This is the only way of passing on the confidence to our clients that the products we present are true to our mission of offering our customers true Clean Beauty. Our product selection team has linked the ingredients that do not pass the mark as well as the harm these chemicals are known to cause.

Once a brand and it’s products pass the first inspection, we pour over the ingredient list to ensure that we have not missed any products that may be different in name but similar in harm to the no carry list we use. During this process we ensure that all ingredients are either natural or naturally derived. Additionally, many clean brands safely contain some synthetic ingredients. These ingredients are included to ensure excellent product performance allowing the user to experience both beauty and functionality with the product. Once brands pass the no harm criteria and the rest of the ingredients are thoroughly vetted, they receive HARA’s no harm mark of approval.

Lastly, we want to celebrate brands that make all the above efforts to provide clean beauty but also carry no cruelty, vegan, 100% plant based, and other appealing delineations. HARA clean beauty wants it’s clients to be informed and to be able to choose with ease and has promised to mark all carried brands with informative marks for all delineations. See Links to learn our Marks.