(M)anasi 7 | Precision Mascara Obsidian - 0.35 oz


" Inspired by the Binochtan and the Ayurvedic shilajit, this rich mascara enhances your eyelashes to perfection"

Using Japanese high grade charcoal made from ubame oak and the authentic ayurvedic shilajit from the himalayans, this rich mascara defines your lashes with a delicate touch. this is the ultimate deep rich black shade for enhancing your eyelashes to perfection. suitable for all and buildable colour pay-off.

Hero Ingredients - Certified Organic Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Sweet Almond Oil And Castor Seed Oil.

The Ritual | Curl The Lashes Well, Then Apply Mascara Starting From The Roots Of The Top Lashes, Moving The Wand First Side To Side Then Upwards Toward The End Of The Lashes. Apply A Conservative Amount Of Mascara And Let It Dry Completely Before Applying Another Coat If You Wish To Do So. 

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