(M)anasi 7 | All Over Shine Cristallo - 0.52 oz


“inspired by the reflections of the sea, this is a shimmer-free transparent shade enhancing a glossy finish”

This shimmer-free completely clear shade enhances a glossy finish. this truly translucent shade creates a subtle dewy radiance on all skin tones with a perfectly flawless finish. use it on lips, face and eyelids or mix together with any of our cream products for added shine.

Hero Ingredients - Certified Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax And Castor Seed Oil.

The Ritual | This Nourishing Gel-like Formula Can Be Used On Lips By Itself As A Moisturising Lip Balm Or Gloss, On A Bare Face Or Over Makeup As A Dewy Highlighter And Mixed With Our Skin Enhancers For Usage As A Foundation. Use It On Top Or Mixed With The All Over Colours, Bronzelighter And Strobelighters To Add A Subtle Glowy Finish. 

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