Daughter of the Land

Daughter of the land | Moon flower Shampoo + Body Bar - 3.25 oz


This multi-use and travel-friendly shampoo + body bar simplifies your hair and skincare routines into a single creamy, sudsy bar. It's handcrafted, palm oil-free, and formulated using organic, fair trade ingredients with an ethical, low-maintenance lifestyle in mind. The bars are made with fresh goat milk sourced from a family-operated certified humane farm in Ohio. Floral notes of rose and herbs, calming, peaceful. The paper box is 100% recyclable.

The Ritual | For hair - Lather the bar in hands and apply a small amount of foam to scalp. Conditioner not necessary (if you do use conditioner use half the amount). For body - Lather and cleanse.

Ingredients - Olive Oil 1, Coconut Oil 1, Cocoa Butter 1, Fresh Goat Milk 3, Shea Butter 1, Sodium Hydroxide 4 , Castor Oil 1, Rose Geranium Oil 1, Rosemary Oil 1, Tea Tree Leaf Oil 1, Honey 1,2 | 1. Certified Organic 2. Fair Trade 3. Certified Humane & GMO Free 4. None Remains After Saponifying Oils

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