Gua Sha - An Ancient Folk Perscription

Gua Sha has long been said to be a folk therapy heralding from ancient chinese medicinal traditions. Back in the Ming Dynasty, Gua Sha was consistently perscribed as a medical treatment evidenced by records from the period.
Pronounced gwashah, Gua means to scrape and Sha refers to a reddish petechiae. 
Often used in ancient chinese therapies for muscular pains and head colds, the underlying mechanism of action has been repurposed for the same benefit - except for the skin. With improved circulation and tissue regeneration at it's core, it's no wonder that this technique is becoming popular and yielding visible results.
The Ritual | Use a cold quartz or jade tool over lubricated skin in gentle but intentioned upward motions with the purpose of releasing toxins through renewed circulation. 
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